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Carbon Connect International

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Type of Organization: Private Sector
Description of Services:

Carbon Connect International (CCI) is a leading provider of emissions management and reduction solutions that provide an accelerated pathway to near zero emissions within the oil and gas industry. CCI’s emissions reduction & management expertise exist in three core areas: 1. Carbon Accounting, Baseline Emissions Quantification 2. Emissions Reduction Technology Assessment, Planning & Implementation 3. ESG & Decarbonization Education & Training CCI’s experience implementing baseline emissions quantification and reduction programs in Canada is unique and provides companies and nations with a reputable partner for accelerating the implementation of decarbonization and climate commitments through quantification, technology, and education. We are solution agnostic and leverage partnerships for field measurement and commercial technology to accelerate results. CCI’s programs deliver real-world results aligned to Global best practices for emissions reduction and management.

Sector(s) of Interest: Oil & Gas
Area(s) of Geographic Interest: Partnership-wide
Web Site:
Contacts: Martens, Kristian
Phone: 4034433220