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Combustion Research Associates (CRA)

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Type of Organization: Private Sector
Description of Services:

Our endeavor is to focus on GREEN Environment and hence we are specialized technology providers in Waste to Energy projects for green bio-energy markets. We manufacture full range of products for Biogas/LFG/Syngas/Producer for its Handling, Processing, Cleaning, Safe disposal and Utilization. Some of them are listed below as our standard range of manufacture: Safety Equipments • Flame Arrestors • Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves • Gas Seals Gas handling and cleaning • Gas Scrubbers • Gas Conditioning/ Dehumidifying Systems • Gas pressure booster • Moisture Traps • Duplex Filters • Burners • Flow meters Pollution control systems • Gas Scrubbers • Flaring Systems/Oxidizers • Incinerators for large & small capacity • Pet cremators Gas Utilization • Biogas/LFG Upgrading to CNG • Biogas Burning System • Biogas to Power • Waste gas multi-fuel burner for boilers and for any other thermal applications CRA serving the Renewable Energy sector, Petrochemicals, Chemicals and all processing Industries by providing innovative solutions & services as part of the Green & Clean Environment Initiative. For Renewable Energy sector CRA operates in the field of Biogas/LFG/Syngas/Producer gas etc. and its specializes in Handling, Processing, Cleaning and Utilization of Biogas – a major renewable energy fuel. Biogas upgrading to Bio-CNG is a premium product serving natural gas market by replacing fossil fuel with Bio-Methane. CRA has been serving the Gas Industry with innovative solutions and has completed projects in India and other countries such as South-East Asia, Middle East, African region etc.

Sector(s) of Interest: Agriculture; Coal Mines; MSW; Oil & Gas; Wastewater
Area(s) of Geographic Interest: Partnership-wide; Asia
Web Site:
Contacts: Agarwal, Brigesh
Phone: 01204156787