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LumaSense Technologies

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Type of Organization: Private Sector
Description of Services:

LumaSense Techologies works on methane recovery systems that can provide an economically viable energy source.Fueling some types of internal combustion engines requires methane concentrations as low as 25 percent, meaning even smaller landfill sites can be useful as fuel sources provided there is a reliable and inexpensive way to monitor the “quality” of the methane being produced. LumaSense provides the market with the Andros 6511 OEM NDIR bench and electronics to address these methane challenges. The Andros bench is capable of measuring low (10 ppm) concentrations of methane for system leak identification up to 100 percent methane concentrations for combustion control. The Andros 6511 also includes CO2 and CO measurement with capability to add O2 measurement. These four combined gas measurements can provide precise measurements and control of fuel to air ratio to ensure maximum energy extraction of the methane being produced.

Sector(s) of Interest: Agriculture; MSW
Area(s) of Geographic Interest: Partnership-wide; Africa; Asia; Europe; Middle East; South America; Argentina; Australia; Brazil; Canada; China; Colombia; Ecuador; European Commission; Germany; India; Italy; Japan; Mexico; Mongolia; Nigeria; Pakistan; Philippines; Poland; Republic of Korea (South Korea); Russia; Thailand; Ukraine; United Kingdom; United States; Vietnam
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Contacts: Hirschman, Harry
Phone: (408) 235-3890