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Gas Technologies LLC

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Type of Organization: Private Sector
Description of Services:

Gas Technologies LLC is a technology company that designs and engineers methane conversion technologies for small scale applications. The company's expertise is focused in gas flaring reduction applications using natural gas liquids (NGL) and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) solutions combined with methanol and ethanol technologies. The applications have generated interest with the World Bank Group and their Global Gas Flaring Reduction (GGFR) project entitled, "Nigeria: Small-scale Gas Utilisation in Model Communities". Gas Technologies is recommending custom engineered solutions to reduce gas flaring. The company has also recently broadened their applications to agriculture, landfill gas, and coal based methane fuel to liquids.

Sector(s) of Interest: Agriculture; Coal Mines; MSW; Oil & Gas; All GMI Topics
Area(s) of Geographic Interest: United States
Web Site:
Contacts: Breidenstein, Walter
Phone: (231) 535-2914