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Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence

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Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence (EWMCE) is involved in a number of biogas and landfill gas projects. Biogas projects include optimizing anaerobic digestion processes for enhanced biogas production, treatments of biogas to remove contaminants and CO2 to produce pipeline quality "renewable natural gas", and options for using biogas in microturbines and fuel cells. EWMCE's landfill gas (LFG) research focuses on stabilizing municipal solid waste. Current projects involve the design, construction, and operation of "bioreactor technology" involving active landfill management through which enhanced LFG generation, collection, and use is expected. The use of methane oxidation technology promises to be feasible for treatment of residual LFG emissions from landfills. EWMCE currently operates a series of methane oxidizing biofilter systems for research and development.

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