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Hydraulic Fracturing of Kuznetsk LLC 

Hydraulic Fracturing of Kuznetsk LLC is working to reduce methane emissions in Russia by developing a technology that increases the efficiency of degassing systems in modern coal mines.

When coal is mined, methane is released from coal steam into the atmosphere. To reduce methane emissions and increase well gas yields, Hydraulic Fracturing of Kuznetsk has developed an extraction pillar to implement directional hydraulic fracturing of coal steam through degassing wells. As more methane is removed from the mine into the degassing system, less methane will be released into the atmosphere.

Currently, Hydraulic Fracturing of Kuznetsk has conducted bench tests to ensure that their extraction pillars are effective in lab settings. Next, they will conduct tests in underground mines to determine the extraction pillar’s efficiency in the field. If the tests are successful and the pillars are implemented, use of the extraction pillars will reduce methane emissions from coal mines and improve the safety of mining operations.

Figure 1. Two-cylinder hydraulic cupped packer, the main element of the extraction pillar technology.